finding the perfect pct...i need an expert's help

  1. finding the perfect pct...i need an expert's help

    im on day 4 of a 3 (maybe 4 week) SD cycle. i have my PCT planned out and everything ready except now that im looking it over i just need alittle bit of placement guidence. tell me what u guys think?

    PCT: (not writing out every dose of every supp just following standard dosage guidelines for support PCT supps)

    week 1: 40mg of nolva, 1-oratropin, clout, 2 grams of flaxseed oil, 2 grams of fish oil, sesamin, RY rice, milk thistle, R-ALA, fenugreek, lean extreme, dhea, Coq-10, garlic, and saw palmetto

    week 2: same thing, but 30mg of nolva

    week 3:same thing except minus the 1-ora and start up and NHA cycle (rebound xt and activate) (plus 20mg of nolva)

    week 4: the same except 10mg of nolva

    week 5 and 6: same thing but no nolva

    a couple of questions for anyone out there:
    1) is anything overkill??? i always want to be on the safe side, but i can always take something out if im over doing it

    2)should i start an ATD (like reboundxt) with the 1-ora (on weeks 1+2) and nolva or will it diminsh 1-ora's effects because estrogen is needed to effectively produce more IGF

    3) ive done endless hours of research, but am i missing something?

    4) i found some clen , should i add that in somewhere?

    thanks alot guys in advance i really like the amount of knowledge and experience on this board compared to (cough cough) other boards.

    P.S. and unless IBE is gonna have another sale i cant afford another 2 weeks of 1-ora - sry

  2. bump...Dr. D...anybody ???

  3. The best PCT I have found thus far is:

    Clomid -300(firstday) /100/75/75/50/25
    Tamoxifen - 60/60/40/40/20/10
    Ketotifen - 1mg ED
    Albuterol - 2 to 4 mgs ED (in 3 dosings)
    Lean Extreme - 2 caps ED
    Fenugreek - 6g ED
    Arginine - recommended dosage
    K-RALA - 750mgs PWO

    Nice additions are one of the GH releasing products out now such as pGH or Hexatropin (or perferably rHGH), LR3 and late in PCT or afterwards Activate, Powerfull...etc.

    1. As for your questions I would suggest starting the oratropin in week 2 or 3, that way you will be running it through the toughest part of recovery.

    2. Im not a big fan of ATD, I don't like crippling estrogen levels during PCT. But if you like it it won't hurt.

    3. Not really, a nolva only PCT would suffice...but the additions are certainly going to help.

    4. I would add the clen for its anticatabolic properties. I prefer albuterol but using clen at 10 - 20mcgs would work in the same way.

  4. great info man - thanks

  5. If you're only doing a 1 month, low dose SD cycle, I just do this:

    wk1: Nolva 40, RXT 25, fen 3, DHEA 200
    wk2: Nolva 20, RXT 25, fen 4, DHEA 100
    wk3: RXT 50, fen 5, DHEA 100
    wk4: RXT 50, fen 6

    I would not bother with the LX, or add Clen (unless you'll be dieting or something). All the support supps look fine. Use the Oratrop as directed. It's great that you did so much research though! Many do not.



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