Anabolic Xtreme Retain Box Set

  1. Anabolic Xtreme Retain Box Set

    Question on the Retain box set.. it actually looks to have 2 methylated compounds for pct.. are these mild compounds that do not need to be worried about? it's PCT and Retain by AX..

    Thank in advance..

  2. ok I'm assuming they are mild.. close thread please..

  3. Caffeine is methylated....

    They are cool bro.

  4. Yes - I liked Retain, but am thinking of switching out PCT for REBOUND XT - it is all over this forum about REBOUND XT being good, but I have not seen anything on PCT - and it gave me a headache and not sure it was that good on bringing the boys back

  5. Designer Supplements:
    Rebount XT -----> 2 bottles (I am throwing out PCT from AX, but using their RETAIN product & Perfect Cycle product)
    Testo Fen-----> to increase natural test (or other Fenugreek)
    Lean Extreme ---> help fat loss

  6. if you are throwing it out, send it to me ....ill use it


  7. ah just found out PCT is similar to REBOUND XT - so I will use after all - sorry bro

  8. well since you arent going to give it up....ill tell you something i noticed while and after using uher for pct.

    my nuts got HUGE....


  9. The ultimate PCT for me has been the following:
    6-OXO @ 400 mgs/night
    AX Retain 3 caps a day
    ALRI Impact Ultra (Formestane and 7-OH acetate (injected every 4 days 2ml's))
    DS Activate- 4 caps through out the day.
    DHEA/Fenugreek- 200mg/2 grams a day
    10% Forskolin 100 mgs a day
    (Plus Glucophase XR for general health)

  10. I have libido issues with Rebound XT, so I replaced it with 6-OXO. I know, 6-OXO is not as "good" as RXT, but I needed my libido back.


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