clomid for SD pct?

  1. clomid for SD pct?

    Hey guys, I am new here. In the past, I have ran a cycle of test enthanate and dbol. Also, I have done 2 M1T cycles. I have always ran nolva and clomid for my pct. Now, I am planning on doing a 3 week Superdrol cycle at 10/20/20. Would it be better for me to run clomid instead of the rebound xt stuff for pct? I noticed a lot of guys don't run clomid and just use that rebound xt. What are the reasons for that? Wouldn't clomid be the best? Please, get back to me. Thanks, John

  2. anybody?

  3. SERM's are effective. Many use OTC PCT for the very reason that they are OTC.

  4. Okay thanks a lot.

  5. Run both - clomid + RXT. You may even gain some strength. I feel PCT is extemely important- even more imp. than cycle if you are looking to keep gains long term. you should try to make it as good/painfree as possible because being off and trying to maintain->gain isnt easy.


  6. Is clomid more effective than nolva at bring drive/the boys back?

    I had a really long recovery last time because i was using what turned out to be bad RXT. So I want to try and make sure I do everything this time to bring em right back.

    Would you taper the Clomid and RXT and different times? AKA, taper down on one and up on the other?

  7. I'd start high on the Clomid, low on the ATD.
    Then taper off Clomid and increase ATD.

    Don't ask me for any scientific or medical reason for this. I think it's just what I see most of when people were successful.

  8. I'm going to agree with Sunder.
    ATD is nice and all, because it doesn't have many sides, but the high Clomid / low ATD, taper the Clomid, increase the ATD worked best for me by a long shot. The only issue I have with Clomid, is that it messed up my vision something fierce, for a couple weeks after I stopped taking it. If you can put up with the vision problems, and understand that they're only temporary, this is the route that I'd recommend. Get your ATD in the form of Rebound XT from DS.


    Quote Originally Posted by Sunder
    I'd start high on the Clomid, low on the ATD.
    Then taper off Clomid and increase ATD.

    Don't ask me for any scientific or medical reason for this. I think it's just what I see most of when people were successful.

  9. I personally used both Clomid and Nolva as as part of my PCT after the two ProH/ProS cycles I did.

    The Clomid for 2 weeks at 100/50 and the Nolva for 4 weeks at 40/30/20/20.

    Some said it was overkill for a 4 week 1-Test and then a 3 week SD cycle, but I rate PCT as very important - More important than the actual cycle itself as this affects how well you keep your gains and how your body is going to function for a long time afterwards.

    I too, was worried about the sides for clomid that I heard of - the tracers in particular but they never showed up at those dosage levels. I had the reassurance that if I had a problem with clomid, I was already on the Nolva and could just drop the clomid immediately and I would still have what many consider a pretty solid PCT with just the Nolva alone.

    The most important thing I learned about these products is to NOT cough right as I'm swallowing them. Ouch.


  10. They both help with stimulating test production, but clomid gets the swimmers back in your loads
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  11. You should run a SERM for PCT if you have it. For some people who do not, a mild AI like ATD will do. I suggest that you run ATD at 50mgED while on cycle and then move to clomid for PCT. I just did this with Emax and right now I am in my 3rd week of PCT with just clomid. This was the easiest PCT I have ever had by far. I had no shrinkage and very little HPTA suppression throughout the entire cycle of Emax at 20mgED because I ran ATD along with it. I think there may be some truth to it acting as a SARM in the brain androgen receptors, but whatever it was, it helped alot. I would highly recommend this to anyone.


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