Thinking PCT. rxt, fenu, zma 6-oxo, on cycle too

  1. Thinking PCT. rxt, fenu, zma 6-oxo, on cycle too

    If u could only do over the counter materials for PCT.
    Curious thought here guys about during on cycle and a pct
    why not start fenugreek and zma during ur cycle evenhalf way through ur cycle if it was a short one 3-4 weeks. To help keep your boys from getting to out of shape and to help keep up some of the nat test u have.( i know ur natty test is low but elevating even a small amount wouldont that help) or to help atleast minimize estrogen formation and gyno. Then continue them both through Pct elevateing fenugreek each week. The rest of hte Pct could be rxt and6-oxo as well to help lower estrogen. of course run liver and cholestrol support as well.

    So this is a ****ty theory?
    Comments are welcome.
    Fire away and pound some more info in my small brain.

  2. the effects of zma and fenugreek on cycle would be so minimal that it would not be worth it. I dont think they would have any effect. an anti e the last 2 wks of cycle would be a better idea.

  3. thanks for the input

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