PCT - OLD school/ NEW

  1. PCT - OLD school/ NEW

    Ok, I haven't been in the mix for over 2-3 years now... and don't really know about all the new recommendations... but based on previous experience/advice... this is what I came up with.

    Hows it look, any suggestions are appreciated. (also will be on either nolva of Fem. during the cycle...)

    15 weeks (TP and some tren at the begining... taking it easy)

    wk 16, 2 days after last shot it will begin...

    Days 1-3 Nolva 60mg, Clomid 100mg
    Days 4-7 Nolva 30mg, Clomid 100mg, pGH - 0.25ml
    Days 8-14 Nolva 30mg, Clomid 50mg, pGh - 0.50ml
    Days 15-21 Clomid 25mg, pGH 0.50ml
    End - pGH 0.50 ml till it's gone...

  2. i would extend PCT to at least 4 weeks

    i would also ditch the clomid (not worth the sides) and toss in rebound XT instead

  3. I'd use the Clomid the first 2 weeks as it is way more effective. Add the RXT in as well, but it's never been proven to increase test. Actually the metabolites of ATD (RXT) give false positives for high test levels.

    Not everyone gets bad Clomid sides. It's usually the folks that listen too much to the 170lb wannabe net gurus that get convinced that the sides are too bad, and suffer low test levels for longer than needed. THAT is a bad side.

    To each his own, but Clomid brings the boys back quick and is good the first week or 2 before the sides get very prevalent.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by N4cer
    Clomid brings the boys back quick and is good the first week or 2 before the sides get very prevalent.
    Amen to that.

  5. How about this for PCT - after 6 wks of SD (20mg)

    from Designer Supplements:
    Rebount XT -----> 2 bottles (I am throwing out PCT from AX, but using their RETAIN product & Perfect Cycle product)
    Testo Fen fron IDS-----> to increase natural test (or other Fenugreek)
    Lean Extreme ---> help fat loss

  6. Quote Originally Posted by N4cer

  7. I'd run the clomid for 4 weeks, but back off on that if the side affects get unbearable. You should be able to judge this

  8. I've had minimal to non-existant negative sides on a 25 mg dose of clomid. I never bothered to run it higher than 50. From what I gather, the sides are more associated with higher doses. People even use it long-term in place of TRT at low dose 12.5 mg ED range.

    Then again, "I'm used to being uncomfortable", so I might have had mood issues and just not noticed.


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