Nolvadex and hairloss

  1. Nolvadex and hairloss


    Im new here and need some help. Can Nolvadex cause hairloss? Since it blocks estrogen receptors and estrogen is good for hair.

    From what I have read Nolvadex only seems to target the breast/chest estrogen receptors, however someone told me that it also blocks other estrogen receptors throughout the body and it could cause one to lose more hair if they had MPB already.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


  2. i dont know if nolva specifically can cause hair loss but on the two m1t cycles i did i only noticed a little hair loss during pct with nolva/clomid, i think that any major hormone fluctuations can cause hair loss as well as the dht stuff and stress, etc...

    i would also doubt that nolva only attaches to receptors in any one area,

  3. DHT is what tends to cause hairloss.

    As a compound I don't think Nolvadex breaks down into DHT or has anything to do with DHT.

    Don't quote me on this, it's merely stipulation.

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