PCT map out

  1. anti e's for PCT

    shut down hard...
    just came off 20 weeker

    currently running

    IGF1 40mg 2x a day
    rebound xt 3 caps during the day
    6oxo 6 caps at night
    clomid 100mg at night.

    ran out of nolva and fermara
    bad planing on my part.

    what is better for PCT
    arimadex or fermara???

    I want to try this

    IGF1 40mcg 2x a day
    clomid 100mg ed
    anti e of some sort
    alpha male or powerful
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  2. what is better for PCT
    arimadex or fermara???

  3. it looks to me like you might be doing an overkill with the anti e's.
    not sure about the arimadex or fermara.

  4. I need some help guys

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