gamma o for post cycle therapy

  1. gamma o for post cycle therapy

    gamma o is a fairly new supp claiming to raise natural test production many bb use it at my gym sponsoring it. my question is if it raises natural test would it work in pct applications .does anyone have any expierence with this product.

  2. What do you mean by Gamma O? Gamma orizanol? if this is what you are talking about it was very popular early 90s and I never heard any real good feedback about it. If I remember correctly it was supposed to increase GH production not T production. But there wasn't any solid rational behind it.

  3. I herd about gamma O. I was talking with some of there representitives at the arnold last year. I haven't heard anything about it since.

  4. A friend of mine takes it. He claims that it didnt do ****. It also looks like jizz and smells funny. I'd say stick w/ nolva, clomid, trib, and fenugreek. throw in some Lean Xtreme or Retain to take care of cortisol levels

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