Fenugreek in PCT

  1. Fenugreek in PCT

    Have 2 weeks left on superdrol cycle and wondering if i could use fenugreek in my pct(also what doseage).

    BTW Pct will consist of rebound, bn proliver, hawthorn berry, and a couple other things.

  2. I am assuming you are going for three weeks? Yea, you can use Fenugreek. Go with 1200 mg, 1800 mg, and 2400 mg. You'll be smelling like pancakes in no time. yumm.....Pancakes

  3. Has anyone had bad gas from Fenugreek, Maca or tribulus?

  4. Would it hurt to use more like 3 -5 grams a week? I'm asking because I see different reccomendations all over the place. I'm imagining that in the worse case scenario it would just be a waste.

    BTW I'm on like week 2 1/2 at 2-3 grams and don't smell like syrup....very disappointed cause I like syrup. On the bright side with atd, nolva, tribb, and fenugreek my balls are bigger then I can ever remember. Plus I'm blowing some pretty massive loads. Like, "CAN WE GET A MOP ON ISLE 6" type loads.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    Has anyone had bad gas from Fenugreek, Maca or tribulus?
    Not from Maca or Fenugreek for me.

    If it's fenugreek powder, hell you can cook with the stuff so why not up it if you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SJA View Post
    Has anyone had bad gas from Fenugreek, Maca or tribulus?
    I've only had strangely pleasant, maple syrup scented gas from Fenugreek.


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