11 Nolva tabs leftover..what to do

  1. 11 Nolva tabs leftover..what to do

    I am just about to finish up an SD/Prostan cycle of 6 weeks...all went well, up about 13 pounds with minimal fat gain.
    Anyways I have 11 tabs of 20 mg Nolva leftover from last time that I want to use in conjunction with my Rebound and Fenu. My question is how should I use them? Just do 20 mg a day for 11 days at the start along with the rebound, or should I just start out at 40 mg/day for 5 days and then start my rebound protocol? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks fellas.

  2. i don't see nolva making a huge difference in this case but i'd opt for 20mg for 11 days starting alongside rebound. rebound continuing for normal PCT time of course.

  3. Thanks a lot, much appreciated.

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