E Max/Prostanozol PCT

  1. E Max/Prostanozol PCT

    Ok first, I tried my best at searching AM, but really couldnt find what i was looking for. So hopefully you guys can help a bro out. Im about to about to start my first E Max/Prostanozol stack and i want to get my PCT all squared away. There are so many options and opinions....i just need to be pointed in the right direction. Im thinking Nolvadex but i dont know the doseages. Or should i take the Ultra Hotter or novadex route?? Also should i be taking anything else while im on the stack. I have Pro Liver too. Im new to this ...just want to make sure that im not screwing my body up more than i already am. So any help at all will be appreciated...thanks

  2. First, i hope you are over 21, and secondly how long is your cycle, and your dosages, thirdly what are you trying to do bulk or recomp? and lastly are you taking any support supps? But to help you out for pct i would stick to Rebound xt or Novedex xt, both are solid. I would go with a trib and fengureek supp, like fenotest by scivation, plus a zma. and if you still do not a have a strong libido throw some Horny goat weed in there. As for any ancillary supps, i would possibly do a xfactor like in the middle of your emax cycle, to maximize and still gain in the pct and on pct throw in retain most seem to like it.

  3. PCT shouldn't be complicated.. Nolvadex from 60mg tapered to 20mg with an ATD product and the option of a 7OHdhea or Retain..

    What are your goals, stats, experience, age?

  4. Ok well I'm 6'1 192lbs. Ive been weightlifting for 5 years. Planning on using the stack to bulk up.

    Cycle will look like this:

    Week 1-4: E...Max 20mg
    Week 5-8: E...Max 20mg and Pro 100mg.
    Also taking ProLiver on cycle. Should I take anything else during cycle.
    PCT: ???

  5. So you're going for an 8 weeker? I am interested to see how that goes, please get some bloodwork done to ensure you will be ok. As for support supps right now i take 120 mgs of coq10 and policisinol since taking this i have been side effect free, no high bp, or anything of the sort. Still worried about your age since you wont answer that?

  6. oh my fault i left that out..im 23...well whats your recommendation....how many weeks would you do? I chose that cycle because that was listed on the ALRIs website before they took it down.

  7. I have done 4 weeks with emax and prostan then 2 weeks just prostan. Currently i am doing an 6-8 weeker of phera- plex ( i love it !!! way cleaner than emax, less oily skin, no aggression, just feelings of well being, no back pumps, and no green piss) not really sure though, no one is willing to take it out that long for fear of hepatoxicity. So i will be getting some bloodwork done. Me myself, 2 years ago like a dumbass stacked m1t, and mdien, for 4 weeks and my blood work came back fine after gaining 20lbs. THAT WAS A BIG NO NO !!! my guy(competive bb'er and supplier, I am married) was pretty mad at me for doing that, and this was before i ever knew what an am.com was, so am.com is the **** use it, and grow.

  8. I'm in total agreement with BigPeteFox. Nolvadex is the mainstay of any good PCT. The rest is optional, but helpful.

    And what's all the worries about hepatoxicity on an 8wk cycle "to see if you're okay"? I've NEVER seen anyone with any issues after just 8 weeks of orals. Is there some basis for that, or just the common over-exaggerated liver fears?

  9. Yeah a lot of people on this board are all like 8 weeks 8 weeks on Sd or emax? so to be safe i suggested for him do the bloodwork. I myself am leaning toward the 8 weeker myself.

  10. ok guys thanks for the advice


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