Hi guys,

I have been trying to find out about Fenugreek for PCT. I found alot of info on this forum how it is a pretty good, cheap supp to use as PCT to kick start natural test production and increase testicle size. The only thing is I havent found too much info on how much to use, and how to take it and for how long.

the best I found is to use it for 4 weeks, starting at week 1 with 1gm daily at night with no food, and each week increase the dose by another gm. then take 2 weeks off and repeat. Now is this PCT use, or for the whole entire cycle length?? Should u start Fenugreek at the beginning of the cycle or just as PCT??

And what about the guys who take Fenugreek as a regular supp daily year round for diabetes, blood sugar control and cholestrol issues? Should they stop taking fenugreek for about 2 weeks before beginning there cycle, then re-start Fenugreek when they start there PH/PS/AAS cycle or PCT???

Is taking fenugreek only at night time with no food just when using Fenugreek as a test booster, sex aid, PCT because when using for diabetes and cholestrol therapy the recommendation is to take the supplement 2-3x per day with food.

the searches I did found alot of info on how great fenugreek is but not so much exactly how to use it.

I thank everybody in advance for there help.

BTW for my next PCT I plan on using DS Rebound, Lean Extreme and Activae, not just Fenugreek, but I heard Fenugreek has so many great potentials with test boosting, sex aid, increase testicle size, blod sugar control, cholestrol and liver health