NEED HELP with gyno asap

  1. NEED HELP with gyno asap

    please help, i need questions. i have a lump under my nipple i ran a 2 week cycle of m1t and noticed puffy nipples and they were enlarged. i ran 500 mg of 6 oxo and the over all size of the nipple has been reduced but the lumps are still there but smaller. ive been on 6 oxo for 1 week, i dont have access to nolva. what should i do?

  2. If you can't get nolva (I don't understand why) get Rxt and next time think a little before you do stupid **** like that.

  3. if you can get m1t and 6oxo you can get nolva.

    even a simple google search would bring something up.

  4. Try one of the board sponsors. I agree be prepared next time.

  5. I also can Juice my nipple and a liquid comes out, am i screwed

  6. nolvadex

  7. Yup. Nolva or raloxifene.
    B6 200mg/day may help if it's prolactin making your tits milky.

  8. see this one of the reasons that you don't need to be using AAS at your age....


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