Anybody still stock original Ultra Hot?

  1. Anybody still stock original Ultra Hot?

    Im running Novadex XT as part of my PCT ( also Nolva, Retain ), but I had about 20 pills of Ultra Hot still laying around so on some nights Ive used UH instead of Novadex XT.

    To be honest, I feel really horny the morning after taking Ultra Hot, but not really horny at all the morning after taking the Novadex XT. In fact it seems like my boys hang lower after a UH dose also.

    I was gonna stock up on the original UH if anybody still has it in stock.

  2. a two second search on Google turned up results, not to be a dick but just put a little effort into searching.

  3. I did,
    and they were all out of stock when I called or clicked on the links. Or at least the first page was.

    You get lots of hits for all kinds of supps that are no longer made or have been banned.


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