killer cycle, pct, and blood-work

  1. Talking killer cycle, pct, and blood-work

    i used prop 700mg/wk (weeks 1-13) ; 1-test cyp 600mg/wk (weeks 1-11) ; mohn 40mg/day (weeks 1-8) ; m-dien 40mg/day (weeks 1-8) ; tren ace 440mg/wk (weeks 6-13) ; mdht 100mg/day (weeks 9-13)

    for pct i used: nolva 50mg/day weeks 1-2 ; weeks 3-5 25mg
    lr3 igf1 40ug/day weeks 1-4 and fenugreek about 3-4g at bedtime
    *on a side note, my hepatic function panel turned out normal during cycle and at pct. i saw my doc on monday to get blood-work script as he knows that i do some light cycles, lol. i was supposed to wait for 2 more weeks until pct was complete-i wanted total test level. then i had this complete "brain freeze"- the lab was half block away and there is this really hot chick that i'm tryin to get wit who is a phlebotomist there. everything went cool at the lab and i at least know now that she has joined my gym and has been lookin for me. ok back to the point-i only did 3 weeks of pct b/c of the screw-up and i picked up results today. now b/f starting pct total test was 132ng/dl (range is 241-827) my total test today was 793! this is my 2nd time using the dynamic trio for pct that turned out great like this.
    ***and for liver protecting supps i use r-ala and nac

  2. just throwin this out there... i thought it might help w/ other peeps pct

  3. That is just a great cycle. Lucky mofo. And great bloodwork results. Lucky mofo. But then again, you're the guy who gets hit by trucks.................

  4. thats why i stop at green lights nowadays,lol any way it was nothin that a little lr3 igf-1 couldn't fix.

  5. it's my first experience IGF - its pretty damn good.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by CEDeoudes59
    it's my first experience IGF - its pretty damn good.
    are you using it as part of pct, off-cycle, or on-cycle w/ aas?

  7. IGF-1 2.5weeks into PCT. Went very well.
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  8. You guys keep this in the fridge? I believe you dont have to? It would make it easier for me in the future if i use it again. Im used to just hiding the gear and forget that I need to put it in the fridge sometimes. lol.

  9. yeah gotta be in the fridge... it even ships with ice packs. although bobo talked about leaving it in a drawer for 6months and it working alright (i think)
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  10. I posted (in the igf forum, my thread re 20mcg/day) info on storage, life, and degredationof igf-1.

    Basically, at around 70degrees, 2 years no degredation of igf was found....that's basically cool, dark, closet temp. (double check those numbers though...either 1 or 2 years).

  11. Kwycke is right.

    Hey Kwycke, are you engaged?

    I got my girl a ring like that, and I get a pain in my chest everytime I look at your avatar now. lol


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