PCT length????katrina killed my cycle

  1. PCT length????katrina killed my cycle

    i was starting my 3rd week of a 4 week of prostan
    and along came katrina, i evacuated and started my PCT due to not knowing when i would be in the gym again
    i have been taking fenugreek, milk thystle, nolvadex XT , and dhea since then, this week is the last of the scaling down dosing.
    i intend on continuing the natural supps for a bit longer.

    just curious as to how long to wait before trying to run the whole thing again. im probably going to run SD then the prostan,
    so i think i may want to wait a bit longer for my lipids to level off... any ideas?
    any known good supps for cholesterol reduction other than oatmeal?

  2. My goal is to try and run blood work before, after (for new cycles) and then 2 weeks after PCT. If you are not able to get blood work done to find out where you are after PCT I would use (time on + PCT lenght x 2 = time off to next cycle.)

    There will be others that say shorter... But it's your health. Safe > Sorry.

  3. i have heard that and it always sounded good to me.

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