Importance of PCT - Please input your opinion

  1. Importance of PCT for Oral Steroids - Please input your opinion

    My friends that are interested in using oral pro-steroid/anabolic supplements/etc (Superdrol, M1T) are unaware of the importance of using a PCT. They're all too ignorant, too lazy, or too cheap to use any type of PCT even after I try and explain the wear and tear it can put on your organs, and that they can help you keep your gains. They believe that oral steroids aren't harmful and they'll be fine by downing 3 a day if they want to. I'm just trying to look out for them. A couple of them took M1T a while back and claim they didn't lose much, but don't understand that your PCT isn't all about keeping your muscle mass. Even though they won't listen to me, they always listen to articles and threads that repeatedly back up an opinion or supplement. Can y'all please explain and input your knowledge about the importance of a PCT and the dangers of not using them.



  2. If you are looking for articles and threads....research the board and find them. Along the way you will increase your own level of knowledge as well. That is why we encourage you to search.

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