cortisol overload prevention. is it possible?

  1. cortisol overload prevention. is it possible?

    Hey guys, ironing out last details of cycle and came across a sticking point. On the last cycle I did, great progess, etc. but crashed hard at end and lost it all. Taking better meausers this time, i.e. hcg, better pct, more knowledge, etc. but I believe a large reason why I crashed was the cortisol overload that my body was putting out when I came off. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to prevent/control this. Specifically some type of drug or medicine that would help prevent this, and when and how to do this. I’ve read that clenbuterol can help this but I’m not real down with clen as I have anxiety and nerve issues already. Just wondering if anyone knows of any otc stuff or supplemental stuff that one can find online that helps with this and guidelines as to how to use it. Thanks.

    p.s. someone advised using something called retain but don’t know much about it.

  2. go to the designer supplements section and search "lean extreme"

  3. Lean extreme one at night, one in the morning and one 4 hrs after the morning dose. or check out retain on ALRI.

  4. stack lean xtreme and phosphatidylserine at 500mg a day

  5. i usually dose phosphatyldilserine @ 550mg 2x daily for 2 weeks and then 550mg once daily for the next 2 weeks. Thus far these dosages have worked fine IMO for all of my PCT's. However, at the end of my current cycle I plan stack the lean Xtreme with it to see if it is a noticeable enough difference to justify stacking it.

    I'll be taking CEE, phosphatyldilserine, Lean Xtreme, and Nolva...comtemplating throwing in some Rebound XT also?!?!


  6. U could throw in some dexamethsone or Prednsione @20-60mg Predni-equivalent eod-etd for a week or so,befor you stop your cycle.
    this will supress your own cort production.

  7. I like Lean Xtreme myself. Though I dose it at 4-5 caps daily during PCT.

  8. would you guys think it would be beneficial to run a longer PCT...for example:

    1-4 Typical Nolva dosing
    2-6 Rebound XT or Ultra HOTter
    2-6 Lean Xtreme or Retain

    what do you guys think about using this method to prevent cortisol and estrogen rebound that can sometimes come on lightly post PCT?


  9. if CNW is out of the picture, anyone know where PS powder is cheap?

  10. I would start the LX or retain the first week. why were you thinking of starting it wk 2?

  11. Vit c, phosphatidylserine both work. lean xtreme is effective as well.
    ALRI makes a product called Impact that has PS in a sterile solution

  12. Quote Originally Posted by size
    Vit c, phosphatidylserine both work.
    Not really.

    Effects of phosphatidylserine on oxidative stress following intermittent running.

    Kingsley MI, Wadsworth D, Kilduff LP, McEneny J, Benton D.

    department of Sports Science, University of Wales Swansea, Swansea, United Kingdom. [email protected]

    PURPOSE: The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of 750 mg of soybean-derived phosphatidylserine or a glucose polymer placebo, administered daily for 10 d, on markers of oxidative stress, perceived soreness, and muscle damage initiated by intermittent exercise (designed to simulated soccer match play) immediately followed by an exhaustive run. METHODS: Following familiarization, 16 male soccer players completed an exhaustive intermittent exercise protocol on two further occasions (T1 and T2) separated by approximately 14 d. Ten days before T2, the subjects were assigned, in a double-blind manner, to receive either phosphatidylserine (PS) or a placebo (P). Exercise time to exhaustion, sprint performance, ratings of perceived exertion, and HR were recorded throughout both main exercise trials. Venous blood samples were obtained at rest (preexercise), 15 min following exercise (postexercise), 24 h after exercise (post-24 h), and 48 h after exercise (post-48 h). RESULTS: Preexercise and postexercise concentrations of plasma gamma-tocopherol were increased following supplementation in PS, although supplementation had no effect on plasma concentrations of other nonenzymatic antioxidants (vitamin C, alpha-tocopherol, retinol, and beta-carotene). Serum cortisol concentrations, perceived soreness, markers of muscle damage (creatine kinase (CK) and myoglobin (Mb)), and lipid peroxidation (hydroperoxides and conjugated diene lag times) were elevated to an equal extent in PS and P following exhaustive exercise before and following supplementation. The changes in running times to exhaustion from T1 to T2 in PS and P were 4.2 +/- 0.7 and -3.7 +/- 4.2%, respectively (P = 0.084). CONCLUSION: Supplementation with phosphatidylserine was not effective in attenuating the cortisol response, perceived soreness, and markers of muscle damage and lipid peroxidation following exhaustive running; however, supplementation tended to increase running time to exhaustion. Therefore, future research should be undertaken to investigate the potential ergogenic properties of this supplement.

    PMID: 16118575 [PubMed - in process]

  13. That is an interesting study but I have often seen it recommended to take 500mg 3x daily, which would be twice as much as that study used, apparently in a single dose as well.

    Unsure what I think of PS really.

    I know I like Lean Xtreme.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Onslaught
    Not really.
    There is research suggesting the effectiveness of PS too.

    Fahey TD, Pearl M. Hormonal effects of phosphatidylserine during 2 weeks of intense training. Abstract presented at: National Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine;June, 1998; Orlando, Fla

    Monteleone P, Maj M, Beinat L, et al. Blunting by chronic phosphatidylserine administration of the stress-induced activation of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis in healthy men. Eur J Clin Pharmacol. 1992;42:385-388.

    Monteleone P, Beinat L, Tanzillo C, et al. Effects of phosphatidylserine on the neuroendocrine response to physical stress in humans. Neuroendocrinology. 1990;52:243-248.

  15. I just wanted to add that the idea is to control cortisol and not eliminate it, much like estrogen, control but not eliminate. It's necessary for the health of organs and is needed for the growth of cells.

  16. size, would you mind posting those abstracts?

  17. Bump for size.


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