PCT Hypoglycemia help!?!?

  1. PCT Hypoglycemia help!?!?

    Let me start by stating I am prone to hypoglycemia when I use certain steroids/prohormones.

    However, when off cycle I've never had a problem w/ going hypo.

    Yesterday was the first day of my PCT following a SD/PP cycle (I occasionally suffered from mild reactive hypo during the time I was "on", but nothing terrible)

    I took the following last night:

    Tribulus 2250mg 1xday at night w/evening meal (source naturals brand)
    Liquid Nolva 50mg w/evening meal
    Rebound XT 75-100mg w/ evening meal.

    Okay, everything I'm taking is from board sponsored companies. Today I woke up and was fine, I had the day off work and haven't done anything physical (I stopped my cycle short b/c I think I have an inginual hernia, which happened at work, so I have to go through the workman's comp bs).

    Well, I had my normal breakfast-oatmeal, skim milk and 1 serving of muscle milk.

    2 hours later I broke out into cold sweats, shakes and dizziness. I was going into hypoglycemic hell. I ate a cup of stallone pudding and had a small glass of orange juice, which made me feel back to normal w/n 10 minutes.

    Does anyone know WTF is going on here? Has anyone ever experienced any hypoglycemic side-effects from ATD, Nolva, or Tribulus the day after taking them???

  2. I've heard before that large doses of tribulus can have some nutrient partitioning effects.

  3. Hmmm...no problems since the first day, but it was bad all day. Maybe it was the sudden change in hormones or lack thereof. Probably superdrol's fault. I think it is by far the worst steroid as far as blood sugar stability is concerned. I keep telling myself I will never take it again and then *WHAMMO* it sneaks its way into my cycle b/c I like the 10lbs in 10 days I always seem to get.

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