Hello people! Sorry for double post! Got mixed up with topics

    So earlier this year I did a test E + Deca cycle for 16 weeks in total (Deca was stopped at week 12), used HCG all the way throughout the cycle, and Adex E3D.
    Same as everyone else on here, I didn't want to come straight off though! So I used Ostarine at the end of my cycle with a 4 week blast of nolvadex
    and then used anavar to 'bridge' for 6 weeks which brings me to where I am now.

    After the bridge I planned to go back on to Test E for another cycle. But I'm kinda scared now. Of course I have the usual shrinkage of the balls but I'm wondering whether I should just come off and do a full PCT now and save going back on until later this year maybe? Or whether it's safe to just carry on...

    I know I'm going to get people telling me I'm too young but I've been training for 7 years now, and the gains had of course slowed right down and my strength was not changing.

    I'm 22 years old
    Weigh around 240lbs
    BF around 22% (not bothered right now)
    Training history is 7 years

    Previous cycles.
    *anavar only
    *test e + dbol, ended with TBOL
    *test e + Deca, followed by ostarine + anavar

    All help will be appreciated

  2. Wait so you are just running cycles back to back to back? You need to come off, unless you plan on blasting and cruising (running orals doens't count as a cruise).

    Come off.

    Test booster (M Test or ALpha Max)
    Reduce XT (cortisol control)

    Read up about running cycles a little more before you run your next one lol
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  3. seriously.... I think you know the answer. you've basically been on cycle for half a year.... you MIGHT recover at some point, but you'd be a fool not to do PCT, unless you just don't care about HPTA recovery.

    I'd suggest running at least a 8 week PCT.

    Info on SERMs

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