Very bad gyno, low sex drive. Hormone imbalance? Plz Help!

  1. Very bad gyno, low sex drive. Hormone imbalance? Plz Help!

    Hi everyone, thanks for reading. Here it goes.
    Im 26 years old, weigh roughly 160lbs. between the ages of 20-24 ive done 3 separate steriod cycles without any pct. (very ignorant) First was deca+d-ball. Second was EQ. Third was stanozole.
    After the stanozole I started to develop gyno in my left tit, witch progressed very rapidly to a whopping 33 grams of mass by the time it was finally removed. Finally got to an endo doc and got my hormones tested, according to him all is normal..hard to beleive when you have a tennis ball size lump in your one tit. Here are the results. Not sure of the conversions, this is what i got back.
    CREATININE- 94 umol/L
    SHGB-65 nmol/L
    TEST SHGB-0.31
    ALT-13 U/L
    ESTRADIOL-83 pmol/L
    FSH-2.4 U/L
    HCG- <5
    PROLACTIN- 7.0 ug/L
    TEST AM- 20.4 nmol
    BIO TEST- 7.3 nmol

    i have some clomid on the way, was going to stack it with some stinging nettle and saw palmetto, but i wanted to get some advice before i go making more stupid mistakes...have been detoxing and keeping very clean diet in preparation for my pct...

    any help is much appreciated thanks guys.

  2. Just because the lump was there doesn't mean everything hasn't gone back to normal. Gyno can become permanent when untreated for long periods of time and you had to have it removed so I'd say you had it for awhile. Your doc might actually be telling you the truth and might... just MIGHT not be trying to screw you lol... if your that concerned get a second opinion, not go to a internet forum with a bunch of people you don't know to diagnose you... for all you know someone could give you advise that will mess you up even more.
    Why not zoidberg?

  3. Oh and do you think your hormones are screwed up because you feel symptoms of having low t or something? Or is it because until recently you were packing a extra tennis ball in your chestical and just don't believe that everything could be normal?
    Why not zoidberg?

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