Clomid Dosage Question

  1. Clomid Dosage Question

    I'm almost to week 3 in my pct and was wondering since my clomid capsules are 50mg can I just take one EOD or am I better off just undoing the capsule and only taking half the powder? I'm just not sure if taking it the first way I mentioned will have a different effect because of half life, blood levels, etc. Also I wouldn't like having to guess what 25mg of powder looks like lol..... Any help is appreciated.

  2. Just take one eod. It's not gonna hurt.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by joeblow1 View Post
    Just take one eod. It's not gonna hurt.
    Have you had to do something like this before?

  4. EOD is fine, the half life is long.
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