Fitest E only cycle pct

  1. Fitest E only cycle pct

    So this will be my first test cycle. Really my first anything cycle.
    A little about me
    5'8 179lbs 15% BF
    3 years experience lifting.
    Clean diet

    I plan on taking it 2cc split into two shots a week in my leg. I have clomid for PCT but I'm not sure how to run it with just a test E cycle. Seems everyone does it different. I was also wondering if I should take aromasin as well or just have it on hand in case of gyno? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Start PCT 2 weeks after last shot.

    Reduce XT (for cortisol control)

    Keep the aromasin on hand just in case.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative
    X-GELS THE Prohormone alternative!

  3. Use an ai in pct. it's better safe then sorry.

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