PCT - Clomid and exemestane - once a day or split twice a day?

  1. PCT - Clomid and exemestane - once a day or split twice a day?

    Hi there, so I set up my PCT and I just got some quick questions.
    How do I take the clomid (50) and exemestane (6mg)? all in the morning?
    or do I split it up and take it twice a day? (25 and 3mg)?

    Wk 1-4: clomid 50/50/25/15
    Wk 1-4: exemestane 6-12.5 mg every day
    Wk 1-4: DAA 3g every day (longer if desired up to 6-8 weeks)
    Wk 5-6: an OTC AI like PES Erase at 1-2 daily

    Thank you


  2. Looks good. Don't really need to split them up, take whenever.
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