Trenazone, M14add, Epi, with SD pulse. opinions on test and cort

  1. Trenazone, M14add, Epi, with SD pulse. opinions on test and cort

    6 or 7 cycles oral ,2 badass
    Decided oral was how I wanted to do this one.
    34 yo
    199-210 off cycle, 205-220 on cyc
    Pharmaceutical grade everything, CQ10, Milk Thistle, Omegas, SAM-E, cycle assist, all pre-loaded 4 weeks
    Pulse last two weeks on epi, on days only, 20 mg (superdrone lv)
    Appetite-dosage unconfirmed yet, but have enough to run 600 mgs a day if needed, wont, but have it.
    Eod on cycle when needed, e2d off cycle when needed
    5-p-5 100mg every day throughout.
    Looking for HCGENERATE replacement, cant wait for restock.
    Whats your thought all.
    Plain and simple.

  2. also cort control is an issue for me. any thoughts appreciated. Any other two cents....walk, dont need it. completely competant, just had an issue with the legals right now, fully prepped for consequences and no need for peanut gallery. Thanks in advance.

  3. I just think you're a bit heavy on your clomid doses. Once your tissues hit saturation in a few days of 100mgs you'll only require 25-50mgs daily to maintain due to the long half life of the drug. You really do reach a point of diminishing returns. I would only front load 100 for say three days and then drop to 50. Also I think you may require more liver support like udca or tudca; either one is good. Best of luck

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