Going to the doc about my gyno.. Surgery?

  1. Going to the doc about my gyno.. Surgery?

    I think I'm going to finally talk to my doc about having my gyno removed. It's pretty decently sized, about the same as a nickel. I'm going to try the whole pain/soreness sob story in hopesy insurance will cover it. My question is should I first go to my family dr, a plastic surgeon or a general surgeon?

  2. You'll have to go to your general doctor first to complain and get diagnosed. They'll refer you to someone with more experience in the area who does the surgeries most likely. His referral is what will go a long way in maybe getting it covered....maybe
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  3. It's all about insurance. You'll need a referral from your pcp to see a surgeon. Either a plastics or general surgeon can cut it out and take care of you. Make sure the surgeon you pick is one that regularly does mastectomy. good luck

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