New to AM. Asking for some advice.

  1. Im recently started a cyp cycle and was wondering if anyone knew of any products (OTC) to run as an AI? understanding that its not the best way to go but as a back up if my order doesn't workout. On 250mg a week and seeing some good things for the dose. Coming into week 5. Also, wondering if it was fine to switch from cyp to prop on my 10th week or if cycling off should happen beforehand. I've done a 10 week of prop before and loved the stuff. Its not the easiest to grab around my area and I know of no trustworthy sites for that or PCT. Would be nice to have some advice sense I'm pretty new to it all. Trained for 15 years and finally took the jump. Glad I did. Just sucks not having a solid plan for PCT.. any ideas or thoughts? Also.. when on prop I never had a sign of gyno but I think it might be starting up on me as 2 days ago with the cyp. My friend thinks its too low of a dose for it to happen but that's why I'm here. If someone could help me out so I can kick this quick that would be awesome. Thx

  2. From your post, I understood you are looking for an OTC PCT product. If that is correct, I read good reviews of a product called AD-3 PCT. It has a fairly good amount of Armistane to act as an AI.But, for what ive seen around here, I think that just an OTC PTC will not be the safest choice.Good luck with that.

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