I Need Advice on Toremifene FAST

  1. I Need Advice on Toremifene FAST

    I purchased a bottle after a 8 week test prop cycle of 100/eod. I was told to use toremifene at 60/40/40/20 which if I had done my research is obviously bogus. I am very worried and am 12 days into the post cycle. What should I do just start the pct at 120/80/60/40, go get a blood test, or buy novadex or another compound and start the pct completely over. Help would be great!

  2. Also I am taking two capsules of Revolution PCT a night which has 50mg of arimistane, 325 of test amplifcation blend, and support functions. Could someone please message me if they don't want to respond on the board

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