Epistane/Tren PCT... gyno and prolactin questions

  1. Epistane/Tren PCT... gyno and prolactin questions

    Okay gentlemen I have an interesting topic... (at least I think its thread worthy lol) but its related to my Epi/Tren cycle I am currently in the middle of.
    As of right now I am on week 2, dosing the Epi at 40mg.. Bridging to Tren (using PHF Trenavar btw) in week 3. Now I have Nolva and Clomid on hand for pct as well as arimidex and 6oxo just in case. I have been preloading my P-5-P for prolactin control as well. I have read that.nolva should be avoided with any 19-nor compound... This is question one... Do I use the nolva or clomid? Or a combination of the two? (I am gyno prone, I had pubertal gyno) Heres question 2, and, I think, the interesting topic of discussion... I had gyno surgery to get my glands removed, insurance covered it through a general surgeon so my glands are gone, however it was not cosmetic, so no lipo was done for the already existing gyno tissue. HERES my question... Do I even have to be worried with prolactin induced gyno if my glands are gone? I realize estro induced gyno could cause a flare in the tissue... But what about prolactin?


    Key questions summed up:

    Clomid and nolva on hand... How to dose/which compound would you suggest for Epi/Tren bridge dosed at (30/40/40/40/50/50) for epi and (0/0/60/90/90/90) for tren???

    Gyno surgery: glands removed... But not tissue... Necessary to be worried about prolactin induced gyno at all with no mammary glands?? Chances of estro induced gyno are low... Right?

    Any comments/help/opinions are ALWAYS appreciated.

    Thank you everyone!!

  2. Also just want to note that I am open to any advice, opinions, and useful experience. I have done cycles in the past and used both clomid and nolva in conjunction for pct. Just wondering if anyone has a better grasp of the pct needed for this.specific cycle/ gyno and prolactin related issue.

  3. I had surgery to remove the glands and surrounding tissue. Using D-aspartic acid was enough to flare it back up slightly for me.
    Knocked it out with letrozole and raloxifene though. I also have tamoxifen and pramipexole, to block prolactin, on hand just in case.

    Raloxifene has been shown to be a little better than tamoxifen for gyno btw. but Nolva has been shown to be better at restoring or raising natural test production.

    I'd recommend keeping raloxifene, and pramipexole on hand for the gyno. Keep Tamoxifen for PCT. And exemestane/aromasin to use while cruising off cycle if you want to be extra safe.

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