hcgenerate/prescriptiom meds

  1. hcgenerate/prescriptiom meds

    I'm looking*foward in tryin the testbooster HCgenerate as a PCT along with nolva. I will start taking it today. (Cycle was test cyp only and only did 9 weeks due to personal reasons)Now as I'm reading the label of the Hcgenerate it saids not to take it with prescription drugs, dietry suppliments and Anti-depressants. I been on valium for sometime now and trying to kick the habit and be benzo free down the road;however I started taking a trycylic antidepressant(low dose) to help the valium withdrawal. Now this leaves me*Scratching my head because I done a **** load of gear in the past and never had a problem with thr interaction of myMeds. Now with that being said this is my first test booster I ever taking. I was never a believer on test booster, but I*Heard nothing but great things of the Hcgenerate. Would it be ok to take the testbooster while on meds. Anyone had*Similiar experience with no side effects? I will start my first dose when I come back from the gym. My medical history is anxiety,PTSD due*To deployment to iraq in 2003..

  2. one quick note my stats is 33year old male
    170 pounds
    12 percent bf
    Never done a proper PCT cycle and blood work always comes back normal.
    Balls are fine. Never shrank simce I ran it only for 9 weeks..

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  4. Interestingly the abusive posts from the company owner have since been deleted, as were my replies.
    PEScience Representative

  5. I posted the same thread on UKM, but not many people in UK know about this product. I just want to know if its same with prescribe meds...Since they make a big warning label on it?
    but i will give it a go. Im just wondering why not to take it with antidepressants, is it becausr liver issues?

  6. Correction if its ok to take it with antidepressants.

  7. Nice post by the way bdcc. I hope to get some type of benefit out of this product.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    Nice and honest review!


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