Low T low libido HELP

  1. Low T low libido HELP

    Ok. I've got low low low t. First 139 test. Prolactin 18. I was put on clomid by my Urologist 3weeks. Test went done to freaking 34. No I did not miss a 1 in front of the 34. It was 34. Prolactin was 11. He is putting me on hcg. He says my pit gland is fried so he will be putting me on hcg. I'm getting a vas reversal and need to the boys pumping. He said also will need TRT after vas. Rev. My libedo is 00000. I'm 46 with a 25 year old wife. Dr told me clomid could have caused my llibedo to drop also. For three weeks of the clomid I also took long jack, dopa B6 horny goat

    My clomid does was 50 mg Ed. I have Torem on hand should I take it with the hcg? I will be on 5000 iu week for 5 weeks

    Would like to get my pit gland another try see if I can fire it back up. Open to suggestions.

  2. I would do exactly what your doc wants you to do. Maybe add in the DAA or maca for libido.
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  3. Is this due to steroid abuse hence being in the PCT section or unrelated?

  4. yes gear is the root of the problem. not currently taking any but have a 5 year history of using, test, deca, tren, off and on, sometimes I did PCT at the end and sometimes i did not. Dr. has increased me to 5000 iu twice a week of hcg, I have had a vas reversal and sperm being produced by left testical but not the right so he has upped the hcg to try to get the rt nut working. What do you guys know about the Trip? I read several months about this and taking one shot of it. Not sure the whole name was just refered to as trip.

  5. If you only had 2 blood test and the first was the 139 and then the second was 34 I would get a 3rd test to make sure there wasn't a mistake one any ones behalf. Get a second opinion as well a endocrinologist opionion.



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