Test P/Tren A upcoming cycles

  1. Test P/Tren A upcoming cycles

    Been searching through the forums and when ive found threads on this stack cant seem to find the right replies. Im planning an upcoming cycle of Test P and Tren A. Probably doing to do something like 200-300 for the first 4 weeks then bump it to 400-600 the next 8 with possible anavar towards the end for a few weeks. My last cycle was Test C @500mg for 12 weeks and ran a nolva/clomid. Well only ran clomid for the first week but I dunno if it was the mixture of the 2 or being in the sun 12 hours a day everyday but made me sick as a dog so I cut it off. Been researching around lately and seem PCT is a little different than 3 years ago when I was researching. Since I will be in the same boat of being in the sun 12 hours a day and cant afford to be motion sickness due to the fact I work on a boat I didnt want to use clomid but will run Nolva. What ive been seeing lately is people running hcg and Aromasin. Are these 2 needed or is nolva still sufficient? I want to make sure my test levels are good and stay higher after PCT because I have low test levels to begin with. Trying to get my PCT down pat before I think about an order. Advise or verbal beatdowns welcome just want to get all the info I need before I start. Thanks

  2. What I would do:

    x/x/x/x (4-6 weeks)
    Cosrtisol control supp like Reduce XT

    Don't need both clomid and nolva, although I would say it's better. You will be fine with just one though.
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