Day 5 of PCT from EIP/11-OXO, feeling sick

  1. Day 5 of PCT from EPI/11-OXO, feeling sick

    I am on day 5 of PCT for a 5 week cycle of EPI/11-OXO. The past few days I have been feeling sick to my stomach and I'm starting to break a fever. I'm not sure if it's just concidence, or whether it's the PCT supps I'm on. Also, my body aches all over and I can barely walk, which I'm assuming might be a flu bug. I just wanted to "clear the air" and see if anyone had this reaction. Here's my PCT:

    Nolva - 20/20/10/10 (10mg in morning, and 10mg before bed)
    Erase - 3/2/1/1
    USP Test Powder (DAA) - 2 scoops in the morning
    CEL PCT Assist - 4 pills daily - 2 morning, 2 evening
    CEL Cycle Assist - 8 caps daily - 4 morning, 4 evening
    ZMA - 3 caps before bed

    I also have Clomid available if it's the Nolva, but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this. I know your immune system goes down on PCT, but I never get sick so I'm wondering if it's the DAA or Nolva. Thanks for any suggestions...hope this just passes.

  2. Nolva makes people feel like **** often.

    Then again,many people catch a bug in PCT.

    Don`t be worried.

  3. Ya, just my luck too. Next 2 days are carb days and I probably won't be able to keep anything down. I hope I don't lose too much weight..thanks!

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