hey world,
    this is the second part of my cycle on sd. the first part is on this forum as well. this is the pct portion of my cycle. my pct consists of
    clomid 50/50/50/50
    whey isolate
    omega 3
    animal pak

    i began today and took my clomid, erase, daa and animal pak.
    on cycle i gained alot and it went very successfully with minimal sides. i went from 167to 182.6. maybe 180because when i weighed myself i had just ate. either way great gains. im going to continue to train hard and eat right throughout my pct. this log is to see how much my gains stick and if my strength (which was phenomenal on sd) decreases any. im trying tokeep a positive attitude abhout any losses i incurr while on pct. either way im better of than before.

    lets get to work

  2. oh i forgot, im also taking liver support. so much stuff its hard to remember. thank god i have this pill seperator thing in my shaker. hard to keep up with it otherwise

  3. day 1
    kept the training plan and diet as usual. it was chest and back day. same strength tho im not expecting anything to change that fast its only been my first day of being on cycle. still feel and look good.

    question: is it better to dose clomid in the morning or right before bed? i took it this morning.

  4. day 2

    so today i have had diarrhea from hell. i cant stop farting and when i drop a deuce its comes out like a shotgun. strong bursts of poo. i think its the daa... when i was at the store another guy saw me buying it and was like "oh i ran that once, i had to stop because it gave me....problems." and that was all he said about it. i think his problem was this angry and constant gas. is there any way to fix this? something i could take to stop me from having the runs? im kinda worried because i dont want to crap out all the weight i gained on cycle.
    other than that i worked out HARD again in the gym. did abs for 30 minutes as well. still lifitng the same, havent noticed any visible changes either. but its still early...i am keeping a positive outlook though. I WILL KEEP THESE GAINS.
    In the pursuit of knowledge...

  5. day 3
    still have the runs. didnt workout today. ate good and rested. wish i didnt have the runs tho. working out tomorrow. this daa is killing me
    In the pursuit of knowledge...

  6. ok so i drank last night/morning and didt get any rest at all. stomach feels like crap. still got the bubbleguts. i WILL NOT be having anymore alcohol at all. still havent noticed a size or strength change. i will weigh myself friday. other than that everything is normal. still got my abs
    In the pursuit of knowledge...

  7. Well I think the diahrrea has slowed down. Still look the same. Still lifiting heavy. I think I'm getting stronger still.
    In the pursuit of knowledge...

  8. i started my erase at 1cap a day today. i went to the gym and my endurance is up through the roof. still feel good and i think i gained weight. i weighed myself at 182. same number as before but i didnt have anything on my stomach this time. things are looking good...i wish i could get some feedback from AM tho
    In the pursuit of knowledge...

  9. ok im back sorry for the long delay in posting even tho nobody has bothered to watch my pct log. i lost 2pounds. hit a new max on bench ttoday 305. still look the same and still getting stronger. i think i was taking too much daa and thats why i had the runs.i was taking an entire spoonful too much. anyway i will keep my progress posted.
    In the pursuit of knowledge...

  10. Good luck

  11. This is literally my first post. Your log isn't going unnoticed. LOL I'm watching intently. Im planning an ultradrol cycle soon and I'm hoping for gains like you just got. Just prepare yourself emotionally for your water weight to drop off. Its always heart breaking regardless of how ready you are for it. Keep them Gains!!

  12. Also, remember things like Peptobismol and Immodium can help with the BGs

  13. sub'ed


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