Hello all,

I've seen a lot of what I consider pretty ill-conceived PCT schemes laid out. I understand that a lot of folks are running pretty mild cycles in the first place so the fact that they're trying to do PCT at all puts them ahead of the game but I thought I would throw out my personal PCT plan and hope it helps somebody out. I've tried a lot of "stuff" and this is what I consider most effective.

First of all, I prefer to use an AI on cycle and a SERM off cycle. Especially if you're using an aromatizable compound, you should consider using an AI instead of a SERM because the SERM is "selective" in that you don't know exactly where it's blocking estrogen and where it isn't. It's probably better to stop the estrogen from rising in the first place. This is also based on the literature that's shown protection from suppression with 100mg/wk of test but that study was with an AI not a SERM.The exception is if you're running a compound that has a conversion to estrogen through other than aromatase (I'm thinking of deca here) or is known to have some e-like sides, in which case I would run nolva in addition to the AI.

In order to keep LH sensitivity, I would run either a large dose of tribulus (around a gram of saponins) or a small dose of HCG (like 250iu) every third or fourth day on-cycle. Finally, after the cycle, I would start the SERM. I happen to prefer clomid for this purpose. I also like to frontload it, so I take about 300mg of clomid on day one of PCT and then 50mg a day thereafter. The reason being that it has a ridic long half-life and you want to get blood levels elevated right away. For orals with short half lives this is easy to figure out, I just start the SERM a day or two after the last dose. For something that's very suppressive or has a longer half-life it's harder to figure out. For test a good rule of thumb is to let the blood levels fall to around 100mg/wk (~14mg per day) before discontinuing or tapering the AI and starting the SERM. I don't particularly like nolva off-cycle. I feel it has a better reputation at gyno reduction than HPTA recovery. If I had to use nolva instead of clomid I would use 40mg/day. I wouldn't even bother with less than 20mg. As an aside, I also don't like tapering SERMS. They already have really long half-lives and don't need to be tapered. I don't like ramping up AAS doses either but that's a different story.

Let's say you're going to run an 8wk cycle of orals, nothing crazy suppressive like M1T or methyltren:

Week 1-8 AI ~.3-.5mg letrozole/day, 1mg/day anastrozole or 25mg/day exemestane. I personally prefer the exemestane. I am going to experiment with arimistane soon but I don't have any experience with it yet.

Days 4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36,40,44 ,48,52 2-3g tribulus (yielding 900-1350mg saponins) before bed

week 9-12 300mg of clomid on day 57 or 58 then 50mg every day. You can actually continue the exemestane if you'd like but be aware if you're using either of the 'zoles that they interact with the metabolism of the SERMS. For that reason I wouldn't combine letro/anastrazole and nolva/clomid. For this reason you could also take a 'zole all through the cycle, then switch to a SERM and exemstane on PCT.

From week 9 on you can also use whatever "test booster" you would normally use as far as DAA or trib. I personally like to just keep trucking with the every 4th day dose but I've also used 5 on/2 off when I felt particularly suppressed (libido issues mainly). I'm going to experiment with DAA soon and I'll probably just run it every day on PCT until I'm out.

The last thing I'd like to point out is to be patient. In the literature I've read a case study where clomid reversed exercise induced hypogonadism (probably similar to our AAS induced suppression) but it took months. Realize when you use AAS/PH/PS that you are playing with fire and as safe as they generally are you are committing yourself to the possibility that you may need to extend your PCT indefinitely until you're fully recovered. This isn't a time to be lazy or meek or a cheapskate. If you were willing to drop a few hundred bucks on anabolics, you need to be willing to get the sups/drugs to recover and give them the time to do their work. (And c'mon clomid is cheap as dirt!)

I don't claim to be a guru or an expert but I like to think I've sifted through my share of bro-science and I just hope my experience and opinion helps someone else out.