Alpha lab kit stacked with PCT ????

  1. Alpha lab kit stacked with PCT ????

    Hello all, I am looking for some very honest and sincere advice, i recently ran epi and stano for 17 days AT 30 MG'S , i stopped the cycle due to i was having mood swings and my in laws are in town, i was snapping at people and tripping over the smallest stuff. So i started my pct which consist of


    but i wish to gin bit more muscle, i have alpha lab kit at hand, if i ran it would it interfere with my pct recovery?

  2. you would need to stop pct and run the kit then do your post cycle, do not stack the kit with pct, feel free to send me the leftover stano/epi
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  3. Haha, thanks for the advice, me and my wife are in our 30's and trying to have another go for another baby, that's another problem, if i ran the the Alpha lab kit, would D-Test (DAA) and tribulus be enough to make sure my babies are moving still and active, I ran AMS Pro anabolic kit and stacked it with NORATEST-3, ZMA, TRIBULUS, my libido was insane. i will cut out the PNI paragon and the PES erase and go on the Alpha lab kit and run Tribulus and D-test might through some other T booster in there as well and ZMA by O.N. to maintain my sex drive and sperm motility. Any feed back and advice would be greatly appreciated


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