Nova SERM Dosage Question

  1. Nova SERM Dosage Question

    So my SERM that i ordered is Nolvadex 20mg pills 40ct. I'm going to be cycling hdrol for 6 weeks and my SERM dosage for PCT should be 20/20/10/10..but since my pills are 20 mg each im not sure what is a safe thing to do for my 10mg doses

    my question is should i just cut the pills in half for my 10mg doses? or should i just order liquid nova just to be safe and more accurate with doses.

  2. You could be fine just splitting the pills in half. Thats what I am currently doing with mine for my 6 week Halo-Plex cycle's pct. Seems to be working just fine for tapering down. However if it puts you more at ease jut get the liquid nolva, liquid research chems are usually pretty easy to find. Hope that helps!

  3. there's no problem just doing 20mg straight through.
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  4. hey guys I am about to run my first ever cycle and I will be using H-drol as well. Ive noticed most people running Hdrol use Nolva over Torem and other SERMs for PCT. Is there a specific reason? Also I was planning on ordering liquid nolva from one particular research chem source...but have recently heard bad things about it. I can't find nolva on any of the sponsored sites...and was wondering where u guys got yours...I know its against the rules to post about could you guys please PM me? I really wanna keep my gains and run my first cycle correctly, so your help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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