Hi Mate,

Could you help me? I have run a cycle of Alpha mass for 8 weeks. I got bloods done the firsy day of PCT to see where I was at.

This was my planned PCT

Forma Stanzol
Lean Xtreme

Thing was, I had a bad reaction to Torem. I ran the Torem for 4 days and had to stop on the Saturday, which was the 2nd of Feb. I just continued to Test boosters like DAA and Forma Stanzol.

Blood test came back and showed I had low estro, due to using Forma on Cycle at only 5 x 2 daily pumps and than into PCT at 3 x 2 daily pumps.

So I have low estro, but I also have low test, doctor said I was shut down and said I would recover in 3 weeks.

Question is; I ran the Forma and DAA during the 2nd week of PCT. I felt fine. I got the call from the doctor, and he said I was shut down etc, so I started back on with the SERM. 60mg since last Saturday, and its now Thursday here. so 6 days at 60mg. Should I run the Torem? After already having low estro, do I really need a SERM and if Forma Stanzol is at a low dose, wont it take care of it?

I am confused now man..

PCT for the rest of two week of PCT was going to be this

Torem - 60/30
Forma - 6/6
DAA - 3/3
Lean X 2/2

and Post PCT for 4 weeks was going to be-
Forma - 6/6/4/4
Test Booster 4/4/4/4