PCT Recommendations

  1. PCT Recommendations

    Hey guys,

    New to the forum and finishing up a cycle now. Have been stacking Tren and Epistane with good results. Any suggestions on a good PCT? Don't want to lose all my gains or develop gyno. Thanks --NoMas

  2. what are your before/after stats? im thinkin about this for my next cycle. and you shoulda had your pct ready before even begining the cycle. not questioninng what to do fter already finishing it

  3. Onion---I love this stack! I will give you a quick rundown. I dont think I can give a good gauge on strength gains because I had been out of "lifting" almost a year. I was doing mostly functional movement training with low weight and training for marathons (a lot of running and then some more). So I saw quick gains in my lifting. Not sure if it was my fitness level compared to before, muscle memory or the PH. The truth is it is probably a combo of all 3. My biggest concern was losing my cardio. A few years back (2008?) I did a Winabol/Finaflex stack. I lost all my endurance. Taking a crap got me winded. Gave me a short fuse too. And no sex drive.
    Fastforward to today (2 weeks in) and I can run 8 miles and never get winded. My workouts are strong. Lots of endurance. It still shortens my temper, but it was never great in the first place. Very little effect on sex drive. I have gained about 8-10lb. I eat well and often. Truly, I wish I could stay on this stuff forever. The one drawback is it initially pushes up your BP. After about a week it restabilizes. I was at about 108/67 before starting and the first week after it was about 130/90 +/-. That could be a big deal if you already have high BP. Now at just over 2 weeks I'm closer to baseline (below 120/80).
    My brother, who started me on this stack is a trainer and has made a few recommendations, but since he is 8 years my junior I am checking up on him. He likes Finaflex Revolution. Just want to make sure it covers the bases.
    Again, any insight is appreciated. I don't pretend to know it all. Just learning what I can. Thanks---NoMas

  4. You should have at least trained natural for a few months before the cycle. As u said most of what you gained strength wise is prolly muscle memory. Get yourself a SERM, that should be the basis of your pct.

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