Which PCT after very first cycle (will run Deca)?

  1. Which PCT after very first cycle (will run Deca)?

    I am definitely considering doing a Deca cycle (not sure how long though, what do you recommend for a beginner?). I plan on taking a liver cleanser and an estrogen blocker. However, there are numerous PCT's available, and I was wondering which PCT(s) should I consider?
    Thanks you guys!

  2. I would recommend you use test at 500mg not deca. Why you might ask, well I will tell you why. It is safer and you will already blow up from it also you need to EAT!!!!!!!

    My god you are small. 145lbs at 5'11" even if you are at 4% bf which is incredibly unlikely you are tiny. Eat and learn how to train before using gear.

    Getting to like 170-180lbs is like lifting at 5'11" 101.

    Also reading your post you dont know a damn thing about deca also you have no idea how to properly pct.

    If you need a lifting program pm me. If you need a hint on what to eat my first statement will be "Much more."
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    Pin the kittens with the tren, then attack the judges with the kittens, uppity bastards

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