hey guys i recently finished a 12 week test and dbol cycle. I ran arimidex at .5mgs eod on cycle and started pct 2 weeks after last injection which consisted of 4 weeks of clomid 100/100/50/50 and nolva 20/20/20/20. My pct ended about 2 weeks ago, and i dont know what i am experiencing hopefully not gyno but my nipples feel/look weird. Nothing to odd but they deifnatly dont look the same i did have some fat on them when i would flex from before but it feels different now dont know how to explain. Another side im starting to get in alot of breakouts especially my forhead where i have never had this problem since i was going through puberty. I was wondering if theres anything i should take or if i should get some more nolva and clomid maybe?

    Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else, and some advice, please and thanks!!!!!

  2. Bump for answers. Good luck.
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  3. Are they sensitive or painful? I'd watch them, and if they do start getting sensitive with lumps then I would jump on some letro. Also it is very normal for people to breakout after a cycle, just keep washing and you should be good in a few weeks! As far as the letro goes, if you decide to get some then start low like .5mg on day one, then up it by .5mg ed until you get to 2.5mg. Stay at 2.5 mg until the symptoms subside. Once you believe its gone then stay on for at least a few more days at 2.5mg to prevent rebound. Then begin to taper off by .5mg per day until back down to .5mg. Final step is stay on .5mg for a few days then you should be good to go!

  4. Def. keep an eye on them but its probably just hormone fluctuation man. Same for your break outs. Pretty normal post PCT. just because your 4 weeks of serm is over doesn't mean your back to normal. It can take people months to fully recover an level out. You may want to give it a week or two and go get some bloodwork done. Just to lind of see where you stand compared to your pre cycle bloods. (Assuming you did them). Good luck.
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  5. thanks all, will definatly take everything into consideration, and keep u guys posted!!



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