Is this gyno?

  1. Is this gyno?

    Hey everyone I have small pea sized lumps under both nipples and they only hurt if i touch them a lot. No lactating, nipples aren't puffy either or itchy. Could they be irritated lymph nodes? Just looking for other opinions thanks

  2. well I dont have pics but they look normal and the same as they did before I started using hdrol. The only difference are the small pea size lumps under nipples

  3. no hell i've been done with hdrol and been on pct for over a month....pct is pes erase, nolva, reduce xt. I started nolva like 4 weeks ago and now im running it at 40mgs everyday for the last 4 days

  4. Yes i can feel the one pea sized lump it isnt real hard but hard enough

  5. gyno, if erase dont help get urself letro. had a lump on each side of my nipps for awhile and they later became pretty painful. picked up letro and they went away in 3-4 weeks



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