Hdrol - PCT finalizing

  1. Hdrol - PCT finalizing

    I am running my first PH cycle with Hdrol and need help in finalizing a PCT.

    Hdrol 50/75/75/75/75/75
    CEL cycle assist 4 in morning/night
    Fish oil as needed
    Taurine as needed

    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    CEL pct assist, dose as directed?
    Letro, how should it be dosed or rather just kept on hand for gyno flare ups? (i am prone to gyno)
    Creatine hcl
    Possible natty test booster or DAA?

    Basically anything with a question mark beside it i am in need of clarification with. Oh an cortisol blockers, are they necessary? And if so, which one should i order?

    Thanks brahs,

  2. Dose whatever the bottle says. An definitely get daa.

  3. Re: Hdrol - PCT finalizing

    I'd run an ai starting the second week of pct, erase is a good one for that. Letro is some strong stuff, use it only if you have a gyno flare up since it'll completely kill your estrogen. I agree with Ben, pick up some daa, sns would be a good choice but I'm sure most brands will be just fine.

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