Hey fellas, this is my first post here, so bear with me. I looked all over the forums to an answer for this before I posted and couldn't find anything, so if the answer is already located somewhere else, I apologize. I'm looking to run a cycle of Phera-Plex and Max LMG, so I need some recommendations from the knowledgable PH guys on my PCT protocol. Here is what I'm looking at for my cycle:

On cycle:

Phera: 30/30/30/30
LMG: 50/50/50/50
AI Cycle Support
Arimidex: On hand for gyno/bloat support (I'm pretty susceptible to both)


Aromasin: Probably start at 12.5 mg ED and possibly go 25mg ED for 4 weeks
Nolva: 40/40/20/20

My question is...is the Aromasin overkill? As I said I am pretty susceptible to bloat after a PH cycle. I've run this combo in the past with some of the OTC PCT stuff and it didn't work so well for me. I was lucky enough to come across a buddy of mine who had some Phera so I'm going to try this again with some of the real PCT stuff. Thoughts?