First off I'd like to apologize if this is the wrong section, but I figured you guys would be the most knowledgeable in this area. I was on HRT til right before Halloween and I got tired of the hormonal roller coaster ride so I quit doing it. I was using 1mg every 2 weeks. I'd crash every 8 days or so and it was horrible. I also was developing slight case of gyno which is what lead me to using Clomid(just to get my balls producing) with Letro for PCT. I only did 100 mg of clomid for 2 weeks along with working up to 1mg of letro a day as I finished using the clomid. As the gyno went away, after a few days tapered down to a dose to .3 and the gyno started coming back(still have it and worse then ever, but not my biggest problem ATM), but I had to discontinue use of the letro cause not only was my sex drive shot, but I had the worst aching joints imaginable, I could barely walk down the stairs cause my ankles hurt so bad. I stopped the Letro first week of december and used Triazole and Activate for 3 weeks and tapered off. So I was off everything for 3 days and got blood work done, which was ordered by the Dr. To my surprise I have finally managed to get my Total Testosterone levels to a level thats acceptable, 571, which is not bad for a 30 year old who has been dealing with low test for a long time. But my free test is only 18.1 pg/dl and from what I read, that is horrible for a man my age. The Dr says its in the average range of 9-26 but what I read online is that healthy levels is for a man my age is 150?! So I want to confirm if 18.1 is really that pathetically low and is there anything I can do about it? And also, would my PCT have anything to do with the levels being that low? I know Im gonna get flammed here cause Im sure I have done lots wrong but I really did research a ton about PCT and research drugs and gyno and did the best I could. If anyone has gyno advice, I'd love to hear it, if anyone has tips for raising free test plz share. Thanks guys

  2. It's only low if it feels low to you. That said, if I felt my test levels were low I would run exemestane at 25mg per day for 4 weeks, and toremifene at 120mg for 4 weeks.

    Then I'd get bloodwork done. If it didn't come up good, I'd start consulting an endo.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  3. How about Letro instead? But yes, they feel very low!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BigBluntNasty View Post
    if anyone has tips for raising free test plz share. Thanks guys
    Get product with LJ100 extract in it.I use now Testojack.

    Your free test levels will blow though the roof.Done.

  5. You talking the cheap now foods stuff thats just got like LongJack in it?



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