Superdrol pct

  1. Superdrol pct

    Is clomid the best pct for superdrol? Just about to run sd for the 1st time

  2. Clomid 25/25/25/25
    Post cycle/unleashed
    Daa powder
    Forma stanzol

    Dose all as it says on the instructions for 4 weeks. That'll keep most of your gains and get your dick back.

  3. Some people, like myself get moody, depressed or other phsycolgical symptoms while taking clomid. I will be taking torem if a run another cycle. Also depending on your gyno sensitivity you may want to run a suicide AI. Erase should be good enough.

  4. Ye I've heard Torem is good. I get the same side effects from clomid. Might use that next time.

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