My 12 week test cyp cycle (500mg a week) is coming to and end and I'm looking into what I should change with my diet current diet is :

Mass gainer shake

Morning sups: shark cartilage, omega 3, fish oil, flax seed oil, vitamin C, milk thistle, aloe capsule, CoQ-10, multi sport vitamin(30min after the rest)

Breakfast - 2-4 eggs, 2 pieces whole wheat toast with natural pb OR oats and a banana

Meal2 (pre workout meal)
Whole wheat Pasta baked potato (carb up before gym)

(Armidex every other day )

(Than to the gym for 1-2.5 hours depending on party size1-3 and muscle group )

Intro shake
Universal atomic 7 bcaa complex, glutamine, creatine

Post workout shake
75g scoops bsn syntha 6, 50g scoop dextrose, 5mg glutamine

Meal 3 (Post workout meal)
Baked potato, 10oz portion salmon, 3 servings pasta, salad and vegg OR 8oz chicken breast, 3 servings of rice, salad and veggies

Meal 4
Repeat of post workout meal with possible single scoop syntha 6 shake with glutamine

Meal 5
Natural pb sandwich on whole wheat and banana.

Meal 6
2-3 serving low sugar cereal with 3 heaping teaspoons of flax 2% milk

And throughout day randomly eat fruit, unsalted nuts, sandwichs or Greek yogurt

Generally try to always be eating around meals and eat a meal every 2-3 hours