I have had some puffy looking nipples I got 3/4th of the way though my hdrol cycle, I wasn't able to start a serm for a few weeks, I had one on hand but there were problems, but my nipples didn't start hurting or get worse, but neither did they look better. No lumps just puffiness.

I have started torem at 120/90/60/30

but I am already recovered feeling wise so is there any way to tell if my torem is good? it appears to be making my mouth feel kinda weird, giving me random wood. But thats all I can tell, no testicle pain or bigger than precycle balls.

if legit how long until my puffy nipples should look smaller? Some people suggest it may be fat, if so will torem also help in a few weeks perhaps? I don't want to go on a long cut and lose what gains I still have.