PCT Anxiety

  1. PCT Anxiety

    ran hdrol 8 weeks, m drol the last 4. Then did 4 weeks of Liquid Nolva and Erase. I felt pretty good, about 3 weeks after my PCT i started getting lethargic and most recently have gotten bad anxiety with a few panic attacks built in. I have minor anxiety normally, so I know they may be altered easily by hormonal imbalances.

    Should I do another PCT? Could this be rebound low t and high e?

  2. I'd maybe wait and see how things go for a bit yet regarding the anxiety since you normally have a little of it. Just my opinion before you go on another PCT, I have limited experience from what Ive seen/learned from others however. Can you give me any feedback on my recent post (Regarding SERMS)?? Never personally bought a SERM online and had questions regarding certain websites that say clomid/nolva "may be harmful if ingested, swallowed". Is that just to cover their butt because its considered "research"? Is it actually safe to take but they say that simply because it is research chemicals??

  3. Yes they do that so they have no liability because it's a research chem

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