Gyne post pct

  1. Gyne post pct

    Hi, a month ago I finished a 3-week cycle of Superdrol followed by 6 weeks of trenavol, then I followed this regime for post cycle therapy: 40/30/20/10 with nolvadex. Last Friday I was supposed to finish the pct, but after 2-3 days I started with 10mg, I noticed that under my nipples, especially the right one, I have hard lumps that hurt, a principle of gynecomastia. Since yesterday I increased to 30mg nolvadex, what do you advise me to do? Also add an anti-estrogen like Arimidex? I am also using also erase pro ..

  2. Man eat clean.... Lower fat grams for sure and take letro with HCG

  3. Why lower fat grams ? This will not go to the detriment of testosterone?

  4. Don't completely shut them out of diet because you need some if not a lot depending on your size and work ethic but from experience I know that when I cut back it helps. Make sure it's clean eating or you'll be under the knife like me... You don't want all that

  5. Ok, and what else can i add to contrast it ? I'm doing 30mg die Nolva, but the situation seems to get worse day by day..



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